Foodservice: Standard Open Stock and Customizable Wrapper Options!

Standard Open Stock

Standard Open Stock

  • Point-of-Sale 
  • Include in drive-thru/curbside pickup orders
  • Dine-in table top service 
  • Inclusion for meal kits and/or cutlery packs
  • Available in 500 and 1000-count cases
  • Made in USA
  • Perfect for service industries

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Custom Wrapper

Custom Wrappers

  • Display your logo and enhance brand recognition
  • Show customers you care about their safety
  • Share token of appreciation for the business
  • Opportunity for additional communication with QR code
  • Earn brand loyalty for only pennies
  • Minimum quantity required – contact us for details 


Name Concentration
Ethanol (GRADE 93.6%) 70%
Carbopol >5%
Triethanolamine >1%
Aloe Vera >1%
Distilled water >13%
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